Check Valve

What is a check valve? Check valves as the name says are commonly installed in pipelines to avoid the backflow, which means it keeps a check on the flow. It allows liquids, gases, and steam to flow in only one direction. This valve does not work like other valves, it is chiefly a one-way valve, the flow in it can move freely one way, but in case the flow turns, the valve will close to guard the piping. There is a great significance of check valve, for instance, if the flow turns and there is no check valve there, water hammer can befall. Water hammer often arises with an intense force and will easily destroy a pipeline or its mechanisms. Thus a check valve has a stopping device that can be shaped like a ball, disc, piston, or poppet. Uses of check valves Check valves are used in various applications, such as you will notice them placed on the outlet side of the pump, its purpose is to shield the pump from reverse flow. Radial pumps are the most common type of water pumps, these are

Flanged Ball Valve

 Flanged ball valve are mostly used by industries that transport water or different liquids through pipes at low to high pressure and temperatures. Flanged ball valves give the capacity to start and stop the flow and to change pipes without disturbing the whole line. How are flanged ball valves made? A flanged ball valve refers to a ball valve intended to have flanged ends. It falls into the end-passage valve order and is predominantly used for shutoff applications for generally pressure-driven circuits. A ball valve uses a metal ball with an opening drilled through the middle, sandwiched between two seats to control flow. Used in numerous hydrocarbon process applications, ball valves are just right for regulating gases and fumes and are particularly valuable for low-flow. Uses and qualities of flanged ball valves Liquid shutoff valve in upstream oil and gas production facilities. It is also used in fuel gas systems feeding furnaces. These valves are resistant to high pressure and ar

Importance of Marine Valves

 In order to make sure that your ship is running smoothly, you’ll definitely need to solve the necessary problems that are going on in the ship. When a ship is in operation, it is essential that every part is working perfectly. The things that you need to consider are flow rate and flow direction of the pipeline. If all these things cannot be controlled, your ship might be in trouble and this will increase the chances of having a greater impact on the operation of the ship. SWBM provides products and services to a wide range of sectors including Oil and Gas, Construction, Electromechanical, Marine, Offshore and other related industries. Ready on-hand inventory, competitive prices, on-time delivery are our key business principles which have gained us customers trust and confidence. Therefore, today we’ll introduce to you the importance of Marine valves and how critical role it plays in the operation of a ship. Marine Valves come in JIS Standard (It is Japanese standard for Valves mainl

Amazing Facts and Types of Cast Iron Valves

In today’s blog we’ll discuss about Cast iron metal that has been in use for hundreds of years. This metal is also known as gray iron which has an impressive tolerance temperature. It’s a mixture of 98% iron and 2% of carbon with small amounts of silicone. There are numerous benefits of this piece of metal and it is used in many industries. They are strong and durable, plus they can withstand even intense vibration which makes them a winner in the piping industry. SWBM is one of the leading importers and stockiest for pipe fittings . Since its inception, the company has been committed to provide genuine and quality pipe fitting materials at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the best quality of pipe fittings then they are the first person you should contact. SWBM offers all sorts of Cast Iron valves that are essential for the piping industry. In this blog we’ll put a light on all the valves. Ball Valve : Let’s just say that ball valve plays a very significant role in our dail

Our Prestigious Brand - 2

SWBM is famously well-known for delivering pipe fittings in Dubai and as an independent supplier of various quality engineering products at competitive prices. SWBM provides products and services to a wide range of sectors including Oil and Gas, Construction, Electromechanical, Marine, Offshore and other related industries. SWBM deals in pipe fittings that are mainly used to connect pipes of several diameters and sizes. It can be identified in different proportions and sizes to suit different purposes and it assists to change dimensions. Below are some of the prestigious brands that have been with us since the inception and we feel nothing but proud working with them. JIN HU ENGINEERING , a renowned company that was founded in 1995 deals in various industrial valves and parts. Additionally, they provide their superior quality products to numerous industries including power generation, construction plant, and ship building. In this current economy when competition tough, JIN HU ENGINEE

Our Prestigious Brand

The evolution of an industry depends on various factors. Fittings play a vital role in various commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Our industry is leading top-notch products with competitive prices. SWBM has earned an overwhelming reputation among their customers which can’t be compared. Our respected brands whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Our favorable outcome has been driven by their support. The Team of SWBM respects their hard work and determination for consecutive support. Meet our prestigious Brands: A great diversity of bronze valves from TOHO (Taiwan) is maintained in our inventory which includes bronze threaded and flanged valves . Both-Well [Taiwan] high quality equipment creates state-of-the-art products. We have a complete range of forged pipe fittings brought to us by Both-Well which includes NPT and socket weld fittings with pressure ratings from 2000psi to 6000psi. Superlite Jointings Private Limited with highly trained professionals

Different types of hose fittings

Hose fittings are couplings that are normally used to secure and attach hoses to pressurized air and water outlets. They are highly versatile and are used for many purposes such as commercial, domestic and industrial purposes. Furthermore, the media that is passed through them can be solid including flour and sugar, it could be liquid including hydraulic oils and chemicals, or it could be gas including compressed air. Hose fittings have many different names such as hose connectors, hose adapters, tap connectors, hose couplings , pipe connectors, and joiners. Hose fittings are an essential element of the plumbing system. Even though hoses are quite important, many people still do not know the difference between hoses and pipes and mix them up. However, hoses are quite flexible as well as portable compared to pipes and tubes. Hoses also have integral connectors and fitting ends that are normally attached already and do not need to be attached manually. Moreover, hoses are made up of d